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This Is The House That Jack Built


There’s a new book on my radar and I want to share it with you.  “This is the House That Jack Built” named from the nursery rhyme, gives us a look at the contemporary art and design collection of the very private art collector, Maja Hoffmann.  Art directed by Beda Achermann and photographed by François Halard, both have created images of Hoffman’s collection located in her homes in tight vignettes with text of the nursery rhyme  woven throughout the book.

“This Is The House That Jack Built” plays down Hoffmann’s actual houses while (like the nursery rhyme) conveying the centrality of the idea of home, yet one is struck by the breathtakingly original interiors furnished with the best examples of 20th-century design. Hoffmann’s eye for architecture and furniture is as discerning as it is for paintings, and she manages to create spaces where the art, despite its importance, doesn’t overshadow the life of a room. ~T Magazine

Get a good look of the book here.

Designed in California





Commune was established in Los Angeles in 2004 by four like-minded souls—Roman Alonso, Steven Johanknecht, Pamela Shamshiri, and Ramin Shamshiri— with a common mission: to enhance life through design and to blur the lines between disciplines, eras, and styles. California is for those who refuse to conform and who live for freedom of expression, indoor/outdoor living, and that golden sunshine glinting off the waves of the Pacific. 

Commune perfectly captures this spirit and embodies a new California style that freely mixes old and new in its layered, highly personal interiors that embrace color, pattern, and texture. This book is the first monograph of Commune’s work, featuring its designs for private residences, hotels, commercial spaces, and restaurants, as well as the works they specially commission from virtually everyone in the artisan craftsman movement in California today.~ abramsbooks.com

Check out this interview with Roman Alonso, one of the founders of Commune featured in T magazine here.

Moroccan Rugs

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I recently went rug shopping for myself this time, not for a client.  I really wanted a vintage Moroccan Beni Ouarain Rug, so I went to see what Badia Design in North Hollywood had. This place is great. They have a big movie prop and party rental business and offer tons of handmade furniture, tiles, and rugs to designers and the general public.

After looking at the shaggy tribal rugs, I realized my cat would rip the sh*t out of those with her claws.  So I checked out the Moroccan wedding blankets as another option.  No good. She’d rip the sequins out of those in a heart beat.  I did settle on this lovely striped flat weave shown on above.  It’s Super Fab, don’t you think?

You should check them out.  Badia Design is located at: 5420 Vineland Avenue, North Hollywood,  CA.