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1st Dibs Finds

Wright20 + Blackman Cruz

blacjman Cruz


In April, Wright opens Blackman Cruz, a special exhibition and auction featuring alluring and exquisite works selected by the renowned dealers. This unprecedented and creative auction collaboration is composed of a wide-ranging selection of furniture, design and objects including everything from antiques to Blackman Cruz’s own contemporary productions. Highlights from the collection include a granite Sphinx by the sculptor David Edstrom that exhibited at the Panama Pacific Exposition of San Francisco in 1915 and a pair of gnarled wood and root lounge chairs from Al Capone’s hideout in Wisconsin. This compelling sale also features a 1951 Bianchi Motorcycle and an iron studded two-door safe displayed alongside a pair of custom club chairs by Arturo Pani and candlesticks by Frank Lloyd Wright. In dramatic exhibitions designed by Adam Blackman and David Cruz, these items and many other fascinating works will be on view in New York and Los Angeles.

The exhibition at Wright’s New York gallery opens April 3rd with the concurrent Los Angeles exhibition at Blackman Cruz opening April 10th.~wright20

My favorite picks are below.  View lots here.


Girls Gotta Eat

photo 5


photo 3 (5)


photo 1 (7)

Funny, how the spots geographically closest to me are the last places I visit.  Maria (my partner in crime, so to speak) suggested we meet at The Pikey.  Cause God knows if I’m put on the spot and asked where we should go to lunch, I’ll probably suggest  some spot in Culver City that will take a hour to get to. Of course I wouldn’t think of The Pikey on Sunset Blvd. because it’s probably the closest place to eat just down the hill from us in Nichols Canyon. The drive: 10 mins tops. Geez!

Anyways, I’ve heard owners Jared Meisler and Sean MacPherson‘s place had some good Fish n’ Chips. So that’s what we ordered.  Must admit, it was pretty good.  And of course you can’t really go wrong with anything that Sean’s done (most of the places he did with my husband, Jon Sidel in the 90s are still around today: Swingers, JONES, Good Luck Bar). The Punkey British  Pub atmosphere alone is enough reason to go to The Pikey, if not for the fact that Chef Ralph Johnson formally from NYCs The Spotted Pig is manning the kitchen.

I’ll definitely be back for drinks.  Join me!


Modern Art & Design Auction


Design*ByProxy’s top picks for Modern Art & Design Auction, held at LAMA on February 23, 2014.   1. Alvar Aalto – Paimio Chair   2. George Nelson – Clock    3. Alexander Calder – The Black Crow  4. Ed Ruscha – Group of Books   5. Sally Sirkin – Console  6. Malcolm Leland – Hanging Lantern 7. Jenny Holzer – Inflammatory Essays

View additional lots here.


M2L’s Harvey Probber Collection

harveyprobber_furniture 1972 Deep Tuft Sofa 


M2L BRAND reissues Harvey Probber’s most iconic seating and case-goods.  Probber, an artist and designer introduced the first sectional modular seating in the 1940s.  Pieces from M2L’s Harvey Probber Collection include Deep Tuft Sofa of 1972 and Mayan Sofa of 1983.

“Harvey Probber is part of that unsung second wave of mid-century modernists.  Though he hasn’t achieved the ‘label’ recognition of Eames or Noguchi, I think he’ll become considerably more important on the secondary market over the next few years”-James Zemaitis, director of 20th-century design at Sotheby’s via 



The Mayan Sofa 1983

Paul Kingma







Oh,  how I would love to own a Paul Kingma table or use one in a client’s project:

Paul Kingma was a well known Dutch artist who made most of his tables between 1970 and 1994.  He started making tables in the early sixties for friends. All tables are unique one of a kind, made of pieces of stone he found during his trips around the world. He used several kinds of stone, concrete, slate, exotic stone types, brass, bronze etc.

~Images and text from Mass Modern Design

Parachute Market | ELEMENTAL

parachuteThis weekend brings another event from Parachute Market : : ELEMENTAL 

E L E M E N T A L will provide a special opportunity for patrons to experience design through a theme that explores both the physical and ethereal origins of the design process. The participating designers are invited to represent their finished work, while including in their exhibit some nod to how the elements play into creative process. Some artists might exhibit their processes externally on the surface of their goods, while others could invite more conceptual inquiry about the influences that lead to the finished product. The objective is to communicate the value of the process while also presenting a final product for sale. In an era of behind the scenes and curated reality of the insta-community, this is an opportunity to editorialize one’s personal design with authenticity and freedom of interpretation.

At this weekend’s event you will find installations from vintage object/furniture store The Window,  LAs Joel Chen of JF Chen and artist Clare Graham of Mor York. Along with booths from Reform Gallery, A Current Affair, Twenty Two Hours to just name a few.

Parachute Market : : ELEMENTAL starts this Saturday and is located at 405 Mateo St. Downtown Los Angeles.  Please visit their Facebook page and web site for more information.