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Parachute Market


Well, this weekend is off to a DESIGN filled start.  I’m headed off to downtown LA in a bit to check out Dwell on Design event at the convention center.  Then saturday will be back DTLA taking the family to Parachute Market.

From the people who brought us STOREFRONT LA and A Current Affair –  PARACHUTE MARKET  “is a quarterly design show for artists and designers to present their work in a thematic venue, chosen for its commonality and curatorial integrity. ” This weekend, for their Summer 2013 show, the theme is “Psychedelic Summer”, referencing post-modern design birthed via psychedelic culture. The market features furniture and object design, fine art, sculpture, vintage clothing, vintage furniture, fashion design, music, and the culinary arts, all cradled together under the theme of the season.~standardculture

More information and tickets here.

Shop the Store : : Pigeon

With 18 years of restaurateuring in Los Angeles, most notably Cobras and Matadors, Church and State, Potato Chip, and Escuela,  Steven Arroyo turns his hat to one of his long time passions; Design, into a new business venture.

His newly opened Pigeon on Beverly Blvd,  carries his hand picked vintage home furnishings, found curio, and even his own custom designed pieces.  In the few short weeks of being open, the store has already been getting noticed by Design magazines, people who want to collaborate with him, and the many who are intrigued by the diagonal blue and white stipe sign out front who have to stop and find out what’s inside.

I asked Steven to answer a few questions:

What tunes are you listening to right now?

Anything played on 91.5 KUSC.  I’m finding classical music to be the most gangster and rock n roll right now.

What things do you like to collect?

I’ve been collecting books, and old bistro chairs since the turn of the century. That’s about it.  I’ve been selling the chair collection, but I would never sell a book I only have two of.

How do you describe your style?

 ill 🙂

What is your most treasured possession?

I have a few pieces of art, and a few pair of boots I really treasure. But the thing I would  part with last are photos of my children growing up and my parents growing old.

 Pigeon is located at 7613 W. Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90036

Ulyana Sergeenk

I’m dying for Russian Designer/Photographer, Ulana Sergeenko’s  Fabulous 40s meets 70s Inspired A/W 2011 Collection.
Check out her blog which features intriguing photos of her world of fashion and travel and the whole Collection here.

See you later, I’m off to find where I can buy this line now…and dye my hair auburn red!

~via Seymour via fashionodor

Raif Adelberg

Artist/Designer Raif Adelberg is in the house this week. Or maybe I should say we’re in Raif’s house. I discovered his art from Obsolete and used it in one of my posts a while back. Then over the holidays I saw some of his more recent pieces at American Rag. When he sent me an image of “FUCK I LOVE YOU” in an email last week, I had to find out more about him. I’m pretty happy to share with you what he had to say:

D*BP: Tell us about what you do?
RA: take a thought / different ideas and visions and create them into tangible objects we can see feel taste smell or hear

D*BP: Where do you live and what do you love most about your home?
RA: Bowen Island British Columbia Canada > My Family

D*BP: What is your favorite piece of furniture, art or possession?
RA: i have nice things that i appreciate but i am not attached to them or consider them a possession but they are more of an accessory

D*BP: What designers or artists do you admire most? What inspires you?
RA: i admire all artist and designers i think it takes a lot for people to put them selves out there to be judged
i find inspiration from all sorts of sources

D*BP: What’s the perfect day when you are “chilling”? (yeah, I really spelled it like that)
RA: just that “CHILL’N”

D*BP: What are you listening to?
RA: Classical Luigi Boccherini 1743 – 1805

D*BP: What is your philosophy?
RA: we can do ANYTHING we want _ so why not make smart choices not reactive choices to appreciate what we have at this moment and not chase what we dont have. to realize the home we live in the car we drive the size of our bank accounts dont make us who we are your identity is not built on possessions but rather on the person the time we are given in life that is the most valuable and how we use that time productively dont waste it to be aware of the choices we make and how they affect the life we live weather good or bad be prepared for the repercussions that come with those choices to try and understand one another and not judge people. when we get frustrated and angry that we are allowing ourselves to give all our power to what ever it maybe that is causing us to react instead of accepting and acknowledging that there is something not right and fixing it . Dont live your life based on fear or ignorance learn to be patient .
Be you Be happy your significance and your purpose for you being here is just to BE YOU dont be something you think people want you to be or try and be someone your not because your afraid you dont fit in _ who gives a fuck just be real we have no one to impress _
the legacy we leave is our contribution to this life children _ friends _lovers _ inspiration these our some of our legacies _
Life is Beautiful _ we wake up each morning with a new sheet of paper and we can do anything we want with that piece of paper you can write on it you can fold it you can crumple it up in a ball or doodle all over it there is an unlimited amount of things you can do with that piece of paper dont be afraid to keep trying something new . if you close your eyes and you can see it you can create it _ you cant create something you cant see _ we are POWERFUL and you CAN DO ANYTHING you want.

Thank you Raif.

1st Dibs Finds

Jacques Cassia, White Georgette Layered Gown with Gold Aluminum Neck, Bodice and Arm Elements. c. 1970’s, 8 Carat Gold Ring with Diamonds, signed: Versace, Italy, circa 1980.

Martin Margiela Black Latex Strapless Dress, Martin Margiela Black Leather Extra-Long Gloves, YVES SAINT LAURENT wood & rhinestone earrings, France 1980’s, Trifari Space Age Necktie Necklace

I know I don’t usually put Fashion on Design*ByProxy, but since I am a former clothing designer and hey, why not?!! I’m in the mood.
This Friday’s 1st Dibs Finds is inspired by 2 things; first my birthday is coming up and would love to get myself an amazing vintage piece and 2nd is Fashion Week and Fashion’s Night Out . The one event in Los Angeles I’m considering hitting up is A Current Affair, a pop-up vintage marketplace downtown @ the Cooper Design Space. Looks cool. Find out more here.

*sorry, links for the “Finds” are broken on the site…I’ll have to revise later when they are back up.