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Still Life



I stopped by Regen Projects on my way home this morning to check out Still Life exhibition by Los Angeles based artist, Doug Aitken .

It’s definitely worth checking out.  Here’s just a few snaps, but you should really see it in person.

Taking its name from the traditional concept of nature morte, Aitken’s Still Life presents an immersive environment where place and time dissolves, where the individual exists adrift in an electrically charged space. Wending their way through the gallery, viewers are confronted with a series of signs and symbols that at first glance appear familiar but upon closer inspection reveal their foreign nature. A series of internally illuminated light box sculptures hover on the gallery walls. Combining text and image into physical form, they each represent the crystallization of an idea captured from the frenetic modern landscape.

Among the other works featured in the exhibition is a cast public pay phone bathed in a luminous glow. Appearing as a relic of a bygone era and removed from its everyday function the work becomes a vessel emitting interactive light that brightens or dims depending on the viewer’s proximity to its surface. A sonic fountain combines water and sound creating a visceral optical and auditory experience. A hexagonal sculpture features a collage photo of an aerial view of the LA freeway system infinitely reflected in a series of mirrors, creating a kaleidoscopic vision. Existing as a series of ruptures, the works in Aitken’s subconscious twilight terrain unfold in a parallel of time and space, perceptually suspended in time. ~Regen Projects

Exhibition open until October 11th.

Brody House

brody 4image via c-home by Jim Bartsch

brody 2image via c-home by Jim Bartsch

brody-image via c-home by Jim Bartsch

1-matisse-ceramic-in-brody_s-courtyardLa Gerbe installed in Brody residence. Photo courtesy the archives of Frances L. Brody, now at LACMA.

Architect A. Quincy Jones’ designed the Brody House in 1949. The Brody’s,  the original owners, were well known patrons of modern art.  Jones’ modern architectural vision housed the couple’s extraordinary collection of art, including works by Picasso, Braque, Giacometti, Calder, and Moore.

When Frances L. Brody died in 2009, she gifted the 2000-pound ceramic, La Gerbe by Matisse to LACMA.   The couple had commissioned Matisse in 1952 to create  the piece and in 1954, after the artist’s death, the 15 section wall was shipped to Los Angeles and installed in what Frances L. called “the heart of our home”.

Purchased two decades ago for 24.95 million, , designer/restorer Stephen Stone has tweaked little and updated the property with modern conveniences like installing black-steel windows and adding heat and central air.   Stone also kept many of the original decorator William Haines‘ interior design ideas in the home, but mixed them with contemporary influences and pieces.

You can view the original article posted in C Home here.

On Kawara



Japanese conceptual artist On Kawara has died.  Famous for his hand-lettered “Date Paintings” which he created all over the world, using the language for which they were created in, under meticulous self imposed guidelines and documenting each one.

On Kawara — Silence” is set to go on view at the Guggenheim in New York next year.

~image Hrag Vartanian/Hyperallergic



made in la 2014.png

The Hammer’s biennial exhibition Made in L.A. 2014 on now until Sept. 7th, features works by 35 Los Angeles artists with an emphasis on emerging and under recognized artists. It debuts recent work and new painting, installation, video, sculpture, photography, and performances created specifically for the exhibition. Made in L.A. 2014 will be installed in every gallery at the Hammer Museum. The exhibition is organized by the Hammer chief curator Connie Butler and independent curator Michael Ned Holte. ~Hammer Museum

Please find more info here.


photo 6

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photo 8

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photo 1

Yesterday I went to check out Gas Giant by Jacob Hashimoto at MOCA Pacific Design Center. Gas Giant, the “massive, space-altering installation, was inspired by the “sense of purpose” of sacred architecture and influenced by the “possibility” offered by a 1990s generation of California landscape painters including Laura Owens.” ~MOCA

I was so taken away by it, I wished I had someone with me to share in the experience.  It was incredible to view thousands upon thousands of paper kites suspended from the ceiling.  I couldn’t wrap my head around the feat of this kind of installation.

I found this video on MOCA TV showing the install. The exhibit is up until June 8th.

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 11.33.43 AM.png

Modern Art & Design Auction


Design*ByProxy’s top picks for Modern Art & Design Auction, held at LAMA on February 23, 2014.   1. Alvar Aalto – Paimio Chair   2. George Nelson – Clock    3. Alexander Calder – The Black Crow  4. Ed Ruscha – Group of Books   5. Sally Sirkin – Console  6. Malcolm Leland – Hanging Lantern 7. Jenny Holzer – Inflammatory Essays

View additional lots here.


Parachute Market | ELEMENTAL

parachuteThis weekend brings another event from Parachute Market : : ELEMENTAL 

E L E M E N T A L will provide a special opportunity for patrons to experience design through a theme that explores both the physical and ethereal origins of the design process. The participating designers are invited to represent their finished work, while including in their exhibit some nod to how the elements play into creative process. Some artists might exhibit their processes externally on the surface of their goods, while others could invite more conceptual inquiry about the influences that lead to the finished product. The objective is to communicate the value of the process while also presenting a final product for sale. In an era of behind the scenes and curated reality of the insta-community, this is an opportunity to editorialize one’s personal design with authenticity and freedom of interpretation.

At this weekend’s event you will find installations from vintage object/furniture store The Window,  LAs Joel Chen of JF Chen and artist Clare Graham of Mor York. Along with booths from Reform Gallery, A Current Affair, Twenty Two Hours to just name a few.

Parachute Market : : ELEMENTAL starts this Saturday and is located at 405 Mateo St. Downtown Los Angeles.  Please visit their Facebook page and web site for more information.


Axel Vervoordt : : Living with Light

Axel Vervoordt

 Belgian designer/art dealer Axel Vervoordt and his design company whose bespoke interiors impeccably blend antiques and contemporary art have a new book. Axel Vervoordt : : Living with Light explores the Vervoordt design principles and philosophy of living in harmony with natural elements – light, as well as water, metal, wood – and blending the power and influence of nature with the inspiration of art.

“Light is law. It is power, force and life. Light is an energy that helps create the world and define our experiences.” – Axel Vervoordt

Axel Vervoordt : : Living with Light will be out in October , but available here for pre-order.

The Portrait Machine Project Book

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I’m fascinated by Carlo Van de Roer‘s The Portrait Machine Project.

From the artist: This project explores the idea that a camera can reveal an insight into the subjects character or the relationship between the photographer, subject and viewer. These portraits are made with a Polaroid aura camera developed by American inventor in an attempt to record what a psychic might see. 

 The subject is connected to the camera by sensors measuring electromagnetic biofeedback. It translates these readings into information about the subjects character and how they are seen by others. The camera generates a printed description of these views of the subject which are also depicted as color in the Polaroid. 

 The aura camera has undertones of pseudo-scientific authority and attributes associated with a less mediated type of photography. It’s a modified land camera that uses instant film and has only one button, implying minimal mediation from the photographer.

The Portrait Machine Project Signed Limited Edition is available on Exhibition A here.  You can watch a short video here from  Van de Roer’s kickstarter to find out more about the process.